Jeremy Turowetz

Senior Full-Stack Developer (PHP/Wordpress)


Phone (514) 264-1055



Senior Web Developer & Project Strategist

2011-09 — Present

Design and develop client projects ranging from user experience updates, strategy & prototypes to plugins and web applications.

  • Project Management: Identify needs, feasibility, coordinate departments and set timelines
  • Work with client data to extend existing solutions (plugin development/schema implementation)
  • Integrating 3rd party applications (Mailchimp lists/SAP catalogues/measurement tools)
  • Prototyping single page applications (HTML/Jekyll/S3)
  • Full stack web applications development (WordPress/PHP)

Web Developer & Database Manager

2007-09 — 2011-08

Technical lead, managing proprietary and franchisee product catalogues on e-commerce storefronts and shop front-end development.

  • Managing presences on various e-commerce platforms (BigCommerce, eBay & Amazon)
  • Storefront design, product catalogue asset management
  • Sales agent & franchisee training and support
  • Designing and automating pricing rules to balance supplier offerings
  • Automating & troubleshooting static & API-driven database imports

t2 Marketing International

Web Developer

2004-09 — 2007-08

Worked with marketing teams to help build and deploy client solutions including HTML ads and stable marketing email campaigns.

  • Developing LAMP websites (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP)
  • Designing for and deploying HTML ad campaigns
  • Developing stable HTML mailers (in the days before Mailchimp)
  • Requirements gathering


PHP Sass/CSS gulp/Grunt JavaScript/jQuery Wordpress Jekyll Git Bootstrap, Foundation, MUI, Pure Vagrant A touch of Node.js Photoshop AWS S3



Native speaker