A little about me

Full-Stack Developer (PHP/Wordpress)

As a full-stack engineer I’ve jumped from automating deploys for intranets to budgeting & prototyping web apps. Recently, my main area of focus has been Wordpress development, plugins & extensions.

What interests me

I possess wide knowledge of technologies used in the current web development stack and enjoy using modern tools including gulp/Grunt, Sass/LESS, Git, Vagrant and Foundation/MUI/Pure though I prefer problem solving, developing web services and/or user interfaces to tooling.

I’m presently looking for a team where I can expand on my PHP skills, grow rigorous at MVC/MVVM/MVWhatever or deep dive in to a new framework (Laravel/Drupal 8). Despite this, I’m a nester who’s more into analytical thinking than specific tools so if you think I’d be a good fit for your team, I’m open to Dev-ops, database strategy, JS stack or Python/Django environments; just note these are not my specialty (yet).

I’m very interested by teams who employ structured mentorship relationships in their environments.

Where to find me

You can join me at one of Montreal’s best web development meetups or find me on slack in the WP Developers Club & Make WP Core channels.

To see what little work I’m allowed to make public, you’re welcome to explore the mess which is my github profile.